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The Never Ending Blanket

This is my scrap yarn project.  I have bags, and bags, and bags of yarn that’s been partially used; as a result, I’m left with balls of yarn without enough yardage to knit anything really useful.  SO!  I have a scrap yarn blanket I’m crocheting.  The colors are ridiculous and random and the size is to be determined.  I don’t think I’ll ever not have scrap yarn, so this could become something quite massive.  It’s not a complicated crochet pattern so it’s one of those projects that can be mindlessly worked while watching a Netflix! 🙂

Still working it! 🙂

Pretty yarn, pretty hat

I knit the pretty yarn from my previous post into a pretty hat!  The yarn is 100% wool, dyed and spun in Japan.  I found it Downtown at Michael Levine’s in the fashion district.  It’s so much fun to work with.

Everything gets a picture with The Head!

Human model! 🙂

The Prettiest Yarn

Yesterday found my way to the fabric district in downtown LA to worship at the craft holy world that is Michael Levine.  There I found the prettiest yarn!

100% wool, hand dyed in Japan.

It will be carefully knit into the hat shown here on the cover of my favorite knitting book, Boutique Knits.

A Scarf Hat for Caroline!

My cousin Caroline contacted me a month or so ago to commission some winter gear.  She takes on Minnesota winters every year (something I could not survive) and needs to stay as warm as possible! 🙂  I made this fun scarf hat for her.  It’s a basic knit hat with long flaps on either side formed by picking up stitches and knitting them into two long scarf halves.  Super functional, fun, and convenient!

Perfect for a mommy in frigid Minnesota!  🙂

Here’s Caroline rocking it in the store!

On “the head” for modeling purposes.

A hat with flaps, but longer! 😀

Restoration of a Nun’s Table Part 2

I FINALLY finished the nun table!!  Yay!  By the way, I’m never refinishing another piece of furniture again.  😉

Instead of finishing the table with the traditional stain + varnish (super complicated) combination, I went for a wood oil with stain and mild varnish mixed in.  It goes on easy and you don’t have to worry about working too fast or sanding out bubbles in the varnish.

I decided to paint the chairs.  I was originally going to finish them in cherry since that’s the wood they’re made from, but when I applied the stain the tone became more of a horrible orange/pink rather than cherry.  I opted for a high gloss black instead.  It was a risk, but I think it goes well with the table’s honey oak tone.

Here’s the table, sanded, dusted and upside down ready to be oiled.

Here the table has had its first coat of the oil.  We had to wait 20 minutes between each coat, re-apply, wait 15 more minutes, and then polish clean.  Super easy.

Mom’s tired!  🙂

The beautiful final product.  We finished just in time to move the dining set into my new apartment.

I’m happy with how the chairs turned out.  They started out as a disaster, but with some cans of paint and a pretty fabric we pulled them together.

I think I went through 15 fabric swatches before I settled on this one.

I like to leave one of the leaves dropped down 1. for space, and 2. for pretty.  🙂

Mom’s wooden fruit, and Grandma Irma’s pitcher adorn the table.  They match quite well! 🙂

PS. the wood floor is not dirty, just old and in need of refinishing.  I am NOT the one who’s going to do it, though!  😀

Granny Square Blanket

It’s getting to be that time of year!  I’m sensing a change in the weather, and I’m starting to dig through my yarn stash.  I love knitting and crocheting in cool weather.

I found some great Caron Simply Soft yarn in a pretty sea foam green and black. I’m crocheting a giant granny square blanket.  Granny squares are usually crocheted separately and then stitched together to form a blanket or afghan.  I’m too impatient to crochet 50 little squares, so I’m just making a blanket out of one giant granny square!  🙂

By the time I’m finished it’ll be cold out and I’ll be able to snuggle under it with a good book whilst drinking tea.  🙂

I started two days ago, so I’ve made some pretty good progress.  I like playing with the pattern of checkered double crochets and solid lines of color.


Fun with fabric paint

I recently went to Joann Fabrics (dangerous) and ended up buying some spray on fabric dye.  Needless to say, I had fun! 😀

I cut out my own stencils from an old folder and taped the pieces onto the bag.  After that I just sprayed!

I had a 50 cent plain tote that I’ve been waiting to use in my crafty ways.  It screamed “fabric paint!” when I got home.

The paint also works on knitted material.  I bought this scarf from a fellow crafter in San Francisco.  It was kind of plain, so I gave it some love.

Cell Phone Covers

Hello there!  Do you ever get that sinking feeling I get when you know your poor, expensive, cell phone is bouncing around in your purse or pocket completely unprotected?  Well, rather than paying Apple, or whoever, 20-40 bucks for a cover, I’ve got a simple and cheap solution!

Felt Cell Phone Covers!!  😀

Enough with my Billy Mays impression.  I made these easy and cute cell phone covers.  The pattern can be adapted for any size phone or electronic device.

First I’ve got to size up my phone.

Cut out a rectangle of bubble wrap slightly bigger than the phone.

The bubble wrap should be bigger than the phone because the felt will shrink around it, but you want your phone to fit inside the felt.

Lay the rectangle of bubble wrap on a piece of mesh fabric and cover with wool roving.  Begin the felting process.

Once the wool is starting to hold together, flip the piece over and fold in the edges around the bubble wrap.  Add more wool roving to this side.

Felt, felt, felt!  Then flip!

Fold in these edges as well.  Continue felting and fulling until the wool becomes felt.

Each side has its own design! 🙂

Use a very sharp pair of scissors to snip an opening at the top of the cell phone cover.  Pull out the bubble wrap.  You should have a felt pouch! 🙂  Full the snipped edges a little so they don’t look sharply cut.

And there you have it!  A felt cell phone cover for a quarter of the price the Apple store charges.  Suck on that, Steve Jobs!  😀

If you are interested in purchasing a felt cell phone cover, please visit my Etsy Shop.  I charge seven dollars a piece and I can make them in manly colors, just drop me a line.  🙂

Felt Flowers

I made these felt flowers out of merino wool.  They are a perfect addition to any kind of accessory, from a broach to a headband.

See my Etsy Shop for ordering information.

My supplies: various colors of merino wool.

Laying the foundation.  I used green to give the flower a more realistic look.

On top of the green, I placed layer upon layer of additional wool, in varying colors.  The design possibilities for these flowers are endless.  🙂

Wetting the wool and beginning the felting process.

Once the wool begins to felt, I removed the mesh fabric and began gently agitating the wool to aid the felting process.

I flipped the wool over to fold in the edges for a cleaner look.

Once the felt is ready to be fulled, I snipped the felt to make peddles.

The fulling process allows the peddles to separate and take shape, it also gives me an opportunity to shape the flower into a cone-like shape similar to a real flower.

Here is a finished flower with seed beads in the middle for texture.  Please visit my Etsy Shop for ordering information.  🙂

Felted Robins for Mom

Mom was REALLY excited to get these!  She loves fat little birds, so these little pals fit into her collection perfectly. 🙂

I purchased this needle felting kit from the Fancy Tiger shop on  The kit came complete with wool roving, felting needle, foam, and instructions to make these sweet birds.

My supplies and instructions.

Needle felting the body.

The body and head are complete.  The red tummy is still loose waiting to be felted in.

Complete with beak and pupil-less eyes.  Kind of creepy. 🙂


I made a pair of them.  It’s kind of cute how each one has its own little personality.  🙂