Easy and Versitile Cowl

by eleighb

This cowl pattern is easy and knits up fast.  I used size 15 straight needles with Lion Brand “Hometown USA” bulky yarn in Washington Denim.

Pattern: CO 30 stitches. Work in garter stitch until piece becomes long enough to wrap around your shoulders when stretched, more or less 50 rows.  Bind off needle.  Fold piece in half and weave edges together with either a tapestry needle or crochet hook.  (Note: This yarn was too thick for a tapestry needle, so I used a size N crochet hook.)

When you’re done you’ll have a big tube which, when folded different ways, can produce a number of styles.

Classic cowl.  Pulled to the front but basically even all the way around.

Variation on the classic cowl.  Chunky in front, less coverage in the back.

Shoulder wrap.


Is your face cold?  No problem!  Hooded with face mask.

Have a hat but your face is still cold?  No problem! 😀

Or, you could be Lady Gaga fashion forward and just rock the tube.

Inspiration for this project can be found here.