Restoration of a Nun’s Table Part 2

by eleighb

I FINALLY finished the nun table!!  Yay!  By the way, I’m never refinishing another piece of furniture again.  😉

Instead of finishing the table with the traditional stain + varnish (super complicated) combination, I went for a wood oil with stain and mild varnish mixed in.  It goes on easy and you don’t have to worry about working too fast or sanding out bubbles in the varnish.

I decided to paint the chairs.  I was originally going to finish them in cherry since that’s the wood they’re made from, but when I applied the stain the tone became more of a horrible orange/pink rather than cherry.  I opted for a high gloss black instead.  It was a risk, but I think it goes well with the table’s honey oak tone.

Here’s the table, sanded, dusted and upside down ready to be oiled.

Here the table has had its first coat of the oil.  We had to wait 20 minutes between each coat, re-apply, wait 15 more minutes, and then polish clean.  Super easy.

Mom’s tired!  🙂

The beautiful final product.  We finished just in time to move the dining set into my new apartment.

I’m happy with how the chairs turned out.  They started out as a disaster, but with some cans of paint and a pretty fabric we pulled them together.

I think I went through 15 fabric swatches before I settled on this one.

I like to leave one of the leaves dropped down 1. for space, and 2. for pretty.  🙂

Mom’s wooden fruit, and Grandma Irma’s pitcher adorn the table.  They match quite well! 🙂

PS. the wood floor is not dirty, just old and in need of refinishing.  I am NOT the one who’s going to do it, though!  😀