Granny Square Blanket

by eleighb

It’s getting to be that time of year!  I’m sensing a change in the weather, and I’m starting to dig through my yarn stash.  I love knitting and crocheting in cool weather.

I found some great Caron Simply Soft yarn in a pretty sea foam green and black. I’m crocheting a giant granny square blanket.  Granny squares are usually crocheted separately and then stitched together to form a blanket or afghan.  I’m too impatient to crochet 50 little squares, so I’m just making a blanket out of one giant granny square!  🙂

By the time I’m finished it’ll be cold out and I’ll be able to snuggle under it with a good book whilst drinking tea.  🙂

I started two days ago, so I’ve made some pretty good progress.  I like playing with the pattern of checkered double crochets and solid lines of color.