Cell Phone Covers

by eleighb

Hello there!  Do you ever get that sinking feeling I get when you know your poor, expensive, cell phone is bouncing around in your purse or pocket completely unprotected?  Well, rather than paying Apple, or whoever, 20-40 bucks for a cover, I’ve got a simple and cheap solution!

Felt Cell Phone Covers!!  😀

Enough with my Billy Mays impression.  I made these easy and cute cell phone covers.  The pattern can be adapted for any size phone or electronic device.

First I’ve got to size up my phone.

Cut out a rectangle of bubble wrap slightly bigger than the phone.

The bubble wrap should be bigger than the phone because the felt will shrink around it, but you want your phone to fit inside the felt.

Lay the rectangle of bubble wrap on a piece of mesh fabric and cover with wool roving.  Begin the felting process.

Once the wool is starting to hold together, flip the piece over and fold in the edges around the bubble wrap.  Add more wool roving to this side.

Felt, felt, felt!  Then flip!

Fold in these edges as well.  Continue felting and fulling until the wool becomes felt.

Each side has its own design! 🙂

Use a very sharp pair of scissors to snip an opening at the top of the cell phone cover.  Pull out the bubble wrap.  You should have a felt pouch! 🙂  Full the snipped edges a little so they don’t look sharply cut.

And there you have it!  A felt cell phone cover for a quarter of the price the Apple store charges.  Suck on that, Steve Jobs!  😀

If you are interested in purchasing a felt cell phone cover, please visit my Etsy Shop.  I charge seven dollars a piece and I can make them in manly colors, just drop me a line.  🙂