Felt Flowers

by eleighb

I made these felt flowers out of merino wool.  They are a perfect addition to any kind of accessory, from a broach to a headband.

See my Etsy Shop for ordering information.

My supplies: various colors of merino wool.

Laying the foundation.  I used green to give the flower a more realistic look.

On top of the green, I placed layer upon layer of additional wool, in varying colors.  The design possibilities for these flowers are endless.  🙂

Wetting the wool and beginning the felting process.

Once the wool begins to felt, I removed the mesh fabric and began gently agitating the wool to aid the felting process.

I flipped the wool over to fold in the edges for a cleaner look.

Once the felt is ready to be fulled, I snipped the felt to make peddles.

The fulling process allows the peddles to separate and take shape, it also gives me an opportunity to shape the flower into a cone-like shape similar to a real flower.

Here is a finished flower with seed beads in the middle for texture.  Please visit my Etsy Shop for ordering information.  🙂  www.eleighb84.etsy.com