I can make yarn!!! :D

by eleighb

My new drop spindle from the Woolery arrived today.  I wasted no time in spinning my beautiful merino top, in indigo blue, from LivingFelt.com.

Four ounces of Merino Top in Indigo and my spindle!

In this video you’ll see me splitting the wool to prepare it for spinning.  I split this wool into 8ths.

In this video you’ll see me drafting the wool.  To draft I just pull the wool apart a bit, lengthwise.  I’m careful not to pull the wool all the way apart.  The drafting allows the wool to smooth out, open up, and get a bit airy.  This saves time during the spinning process so I won’t have to draft while I spin.

Left: drafted wool.  Right: un-drafted wool.  See the difference between the texture?  The drafted wool is much smoother.

All eight strips drafted and ready for spinning.

In this video you’ll see me casting on a leader yarn to help begin the spinning process.

This video shows the actual spinning process.  Please don’t mind my mad scientist hair.  I didn’t expect I’d appear on camera today.  🙂

All wound up! 🙂

Once I was finished winding some of the wool, I wanted to make a hank.  I don’t have a fancy hank winder, so I used the back of a chair!  Crafting on a budget! 😀

I tied up the strands so they wouldn’t unwind and get tangled.

My first ball of yarn!!  I’m so excited!

P.S.  Our couch isn’t always covered in a sheet, I just needed a lighter background for the pictures and videos.  :p