by eleighb

Terrariums are kind of like little bio-domes.  They’re made with jars or jugs that have a small opening at the top.  The plant creates its own little humid environment to live in.  Bigger terrariums (in Alhambra water bottles, etc.) have been known to sometimes get misty and produce condensation, not unlike a rainforest.  The best plant to use in a terrarium is called a Tillandsia, or Air Plant.  Air Plants gather their nutrients from the air, rather than from soil.  This is ideal for terrariums because you can use sand or pebbles in the jar and avoid pesky problems like mold and bugs.  I ordered my Air Plants from a website called AirPlantCity.com.  I placed my plants in some cool old jars I found in my mom’s kitchen.

My supplies.  Three jars (a honey jar, an old milk bottle, and a pickle jar shaped like a barrel) sand/pebbles, three air plants, and some moss that I ended up not using.

Air plant close up.  They come in a variety of breeds.

Tiny air plant in the honey jar.

A more elegant and spindly air plant in the milk bottle.

Pickle jar air plant.  This plant is wider and spikier than the other two.