Lightbulb Cactus

by eleighb

I hollowed out a light bulb and put a cactus in it!  I got the idea from the Hipster Home

Peeling away the layers of the light bulb.

Breaking the inner glass with a screwdriver.


Look mom!  A filament!

Dangerous mess.  A lot of pointy glass and metal.

Filling the bulb with dirt.

Construction paper funnel. 🙂

Trying to arrange the cactus, chopstick style.

I resorted to a wire hook left over from a bunch of fake flowers (flower pens!)  This worked better than the wood skewers.

One good push on top of its head to get it to sit right in the dirt.

It’s kind of hard to see now because the dirt stuck to all its little needles when I was trying to arrange it.  In a few days it’ll be solid enough in the dirt for me to poke at it a little to knock off some of the dirt.