The Restoration of a Nun’s table

by eleighb

Well, it’s my table now.  This antique table belonged to an Irish nun, who gave it to a woman who eventually sold it to me at her yard sale.  I bought it from her for $150 and I’m restoring it for my own personal use.  It’s in very bad shape, but its inner beauty is starting to come out.

A drop leaf table is very hard to find.  They just don’t make them anymore.  This was a steal.

The whole set, including three leaves for expanding the table.  I plan to re-upholster the chairs as well.

Water damage, dirt, filth, grime, apparently some milk, and I actually found a piece of Capn’ Crunch when I pulled the sides apart.  Ew.

Sizzle, pop, bubble.  The stripping agent pulls off all the old varnish, stain, dirt, milk, and cereal.  I love the scraping part!  I feel like I’m helping the poor thing breathe again!

You can see the beautiful, solid, cherry wood underneath all that grime.  So far I’m finished with the top and working on the legs.  I can only work early in the mornings, and in the evenings because it’s so hot outside during the day.  Once the whole thing is stripped down, I’ll sand it, then oil it with a cherry finish.  No varnish for this poor table, it’s in good hands now.

I’ll post updates to show the progress.  This is going to be a beautiful piece.