Nuno Felting

by eleighb

Nuno felting is the process of felting wool to another fabric, such as silk.  I got this felting process from  They have the best Merino Silk wool blends.  They are very soft, and great for scarves that sit close to the skin.  No itching! 🙂

Here are my supplies: Merino/Silk blend wool from, a silk scarf, dish soap, bubble wrap, mesh fabric, a pool noodle, an old towel to catch water, and a bamboo matt for fulling.

This is the felt unwrapped.

A close up of the silk blend.  The silk is the silvery white strands.

To prepare the felt, I laid out the bubble wrap, and one sheet of the mesh fabric.  I then placed the silk scarf over it and began placing pieces of the wool on top of it.

My next step was to carefully roll up the scarf+wool, and flip it so I could add wool to the back of the scarf.

The wool looks a lot like very long cat hair before it’s felted.  It reminds me of my late cat the Beeze 🙂

After I finished laying out the wool, I soaked the piece with hot soapy water.  I then rolled up the whole thing using a pool noodle.

All wrapped up!  I tied the roll up with scrap fabric to keep everything in place.  Once it’s rolled, I began a lengthy process of rolling the package back and forth to agitate the wool fibers and create felt.  I checked on the wool every 300 rolls to do a pinch test.  The purpose of the pinch test is to see if the wool is becoming felt.  You simply pinch at the wool, if it pulls up, keep rolling, if it stays in place you can begin fulling.

Here the scarf is drip-drying after fulling.  To full the felt, I rubbed it back and forth on a bamboo matt, this can also be done on a washboard if you can find one.  I also threw the wool against the side of the tub quite hard to help shrink up the fibers.

Ta-da!  A beautiful felted scarf.  I love the random shaping on the edges.  Some crafters like to fold them in during the felting process to keep them smooth, but I like to let the felt do what it wants to do.  🙂

I love this little hole!  It happened all by itself.  🙂