Fabric Baskets = Fabskets!

by eleighb

I got this idea/pattern from Etsy’s How-to Tuesday blog.

I didn’t like their name for them so I changed it.  😉  These nesting fabric baskets are great for visible storage.  They’re cute, efficient, and very fun to make!

To ensure my fabskets would nest, or fit inside one another, I traced the circumference of some plates and bowls that stacked together nicely.  After the tracing was complete, I did some *gasp!* math to determine the circumference for the walls of the fabsket.  Mathematical formula: diameter x 3.14.  This is very impressive for an English major.  🙂

Here you can see that the bottom of the fabskets have been attached to the walls.  I did a test nest to make sure they would all fit.

You can’t have a fabsket without lining!  Here is one of the smaller sacks all pinned and ready for sewing.

Here are the completed fabskets completely lined.

Here you can see that they fit into one another perfectly.  This is nice for when the fabskets are not in use, and you need to keep them in a compact place.

A fancier version.  I gave these to my mom because they match her couch pillows! 🙂

I alternated the colors on these for fun.  They are also reversible.